The Story of Xanadu

Why Our Signature Color is PINK!

In 1998, the ball entertainment featured dancers with costumes and pink wigs. The first wigs were the hot pink page boy styles. The ladies wore the wigs on the parade float that year and pictures of Xanadu parade ladies hit the papers!!!! Ladies then started wearing large hot pink beads to go with the pink wigs. They were a hit!!

When you saw a pink lady you knew she was a member of the Krewe of Xanadu! Pink became our signature color.

History of Our Name

XANADU - A place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment: S.T. Coleridge's modification in his poem "Kubla Khan" of Xanadu, modern Shangtu, site of Kubla Khan's summer residence in Southeast Mongolia. Under Kubla Khan's rule, cultural relations were established with countries throughout the world and Arts and Sciences flourished.

Muses - Goddesses of Arts and Sciences

The Muses were the daughters of Zeus (King of the gods) and Mnemosyne (Goddess of memories). They had the ability to banish all grief & sorrow and had pleasing and melodic voices.

The Muses are:

Calliope, Goddess of epic poetry
Erato, Goddess of love poetry
Melpomene, Goddess of tragedy
Thalia, Goddess of comedy
Clio, Goddess of history
Urania, Goddess of astronomy
Polyhymnia, Goddess of sacred song
Terpsichore, Goddess of dance
Euterpe, Goddess of music


Parade Info

  • See you in 2021-22!

Ball Info

  • See you in 2021-22!